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The Coordination Station has a new home! Thanks to the Sci-Tech Discovery Center in Frisco, Texas, the games will be a featured exhibit!

Sci-Tech Discovery Center, Inc. was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational organization in 2004 in response to community demand for a cultural and educational destination in Collin County. The Center has a clear mission to provide a dynamic, interactive experience that inspires people of all ages and backgrounds to embrace discovery and innovation through the exploration of math, science and technology.

To learn more about Sci-Tech Discovery Center or to contribute, visit www.mindstretchingfun.org.

The Coordination Station Exhibit! 

The Coordination Station Exhibit is a collection of handcrafted coordination games. These games are designed to help develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills, visual tracking, as well as teach players about simple machines and how they work. The exhibit requires no special electrical or ceiling height requirements and can be set up quickly. It is ideal for quickly converting open floor space into great family fun!

  To see this exhibit in action, please visit  


Please contact us for lease/purchase information.


  All of the games are made of wood (a renewable resource) with limited non-toxic painted surfaces. The wood surfaces are finished with a combination of beeswax and orange oil, for a safe, durable, and natural looking finish. The Coordination Station wants to do our part to provide an earth friendly environment to teach our children to be good stewards of this great planet!

The Coordination Station Exhibit

Very few forms of entertainment offer the opportunity for children to play side-by-side with adults...and win!